All the medallions in the following pictures are designed by me and are made in Italy.

I can design custom medallions with different styles, dimensions, designs, and material combinations as much as marble, wood, steel, brass, stone and terracotta.

Medallion Virgola
Medallion Impero
Medallion Imperiale marble
Medallion Imperiale cotto
Medallion Fez
Medallion Fez color
Medallion Camelia
Medallion Adriano mosaic
Medallion Amalfi
Medallion Spoleto
Medallion Malaga
Medallion Liberty
Medallion Milano
Medallion Iris Mosaic
Medallion Iris
Medallion Camelia
Medallion Liberty
Medallion Todi
Backsplash Vaso
Medallion Vikingo
Medallion Lione